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A vuvuzela ban?
June 14, 2010

Yes. And do it now.

The wreckage of the World Cup will otherwise follow the pattern of the apparent demise of the Australian national team–and with less reason.


Kindred spirits
June 9, 2010

Australian Prime Minster Kevin Rudd and US President Obama have much in common. Not least their contempt for anyone who provides the least challenge to their (rapidly diminishing) authority. See here and here for today’s instances. Neither is constructive in a crisis. Both have laboured to incur destructive levels of debt. Each will leave a legacy of destruction and demoralisation. Each is utterly discredited. And so they continue ever as they have done with no thought for any but themselves and the wreckage they leave in their wake. Until a few weeks ago one could have added Gordon Brown to their pantheon but at least he’s gone. In six months Rudd will have passed from the scene; Americans have around 30 months more of the ideologically-driven as well as incompetent Obama.