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A Royal Commission?
September 26, 2010

To achieve precisely what? Scientific accuracy? Hardly. Yet that is the confident expectation of the Climate Sceptics party.

Governments do not appoint a Royal Commission with a view to uncovering truth. Think of the risible exercises regarding Climategate. Or of the bushfire RC in Victoria.

Surely no-one expects reporting or analysis of merit from either the ABC (which should be abolished) or SBS (which should be sold), both presently and happily serving the federal government like puppy dogs.

For the time being it is a matter of plugging away at individual members of parliament, patiently. In time, though possibly only after government has committed acts of economic vandalism in the service of an ideology of contempt for individual aspiration and general well-being, the pubic will elect a government of a different persuasion.


Economic growth in Australia
September 2, 2010

Much gleeful reporting of the figure for economic growth in the June quarter. Yet what was the source of this activity? Has it any source other than government borrowings? I think not.

Regardless the federal government continues to borrow $A100million per day. And none of the potential partners in government questions any of it. Generational theft by a gang of prosperity thieves. No stopping it or them. Sadly the public, pushed by nihilist media claiming Keynes as their guide, seems open to bribes.