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Buffoonery rules in Oz
November 12, 2010

PM Gillard has Andrew Bolt worried. He was much less worried in earlier months of her hold on the Lodge (in which she probably remains uninterested anyway). Perhaps this government is less serious than its predecessor; it’s hard to say.

Yet it is now clear that that the Australian electorate decided to give its blessing to a buffoon, basically on the instruction of a corrupt media. May┬ábe voters knew it at the time, may be they didn’t, but the result is clear. Media laying the hatchet about Abbott infected Liberal voters in like manner. The result: dreadful national government visible to all. Cowardice and delusion have descended into buffoonery.



Hypocrisy seems not to improve with age!
November 11, 2010

The Irish government faces bankruptcy on the back of saving one desperate bank. Meanwhile the Australian government rails against four profitable banks, which as far as one can tell, are acting quite reasonably. Certainly neither Gillard nor Swan have offered a scintilla of evidence supporting their truly unattractive rhetoric: just one assertion after another. Hopeless.