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‘Gillard must go’–quite so
December 16, 2010

Andrew Bolt rightly agues for the resignation of the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. The depth of the failure of this government has few bounds, as each day seems to make more and more clear. The various fictions and deceptions–climate change, Keynesian stimulae, border security, education, indigenous history, national debt, financial institutions–of the federal government gradually but remorselessly reveal themselves. The absence of serious journalism in Australia makes surprisingly little difference over time. The cost of an early election (of dubious legality) deepen with each passing day. So, PM, go!



Speed-up redundancies! Now!
December 16, 2010

The South Australian Treasurer, Kevin Foley, whines about a loss of GST revenue, as always with the disarming and unquestionably deceptive phrase ‘four years’. Instead of crying over predictably spilt milk, he should reduce drastically the anticipated period of reducing government employees by some 3900.

Instead of the ‘four years’ given in the current budget, it should happen very quickly indeed, certainly by the end of the current financial year (it should have been by 31 December 2010). And then prepare for some 10,000 more because they too will become unaffordable. Alternatively, some reduction in the salaries paid to the least productive employees–i.e. those of government–could ameliorate the loss of positions if anyone seriously thought that they possessed integral merit.

So, stop whining and act according to the financial dictates of the times both at present and reasonable to anticipate.

Another truck runs free . . .
December 9, 2010

There’s much one could say about this but best not. With one exception. And it’s a point I’ve repeated again and again. Between Tailem Bend and Murray Bridge are two government buildings and weigh-bridges for heavy vehicle inspections. How many years is it since either has been used. Thus, once again, the cowardice and negligence of the Government of South Australia bears its typically bitter fruit.