Puffing fulfilled

It’s done. Taxpayers will provide facilities for the entertainment of the privileged. Typically, actions speak louder than words. $140,000 for Keith Hospital: unacceptable to the government of South Australia and its mates in the Liberal party: Pyne, Downer, Olsen et al. $535,000,000 for football and cricket: fine. After all, it reduces the annual membership fee by $50 or so (Pyne). You gotta hand it to ’em: chutzpah rules.

None of this is new. Since the early 1830s South Australia has been the subject of persistent puffing in one context or another though with one common characteristic. In 1839 the House of Commons voted to approve payments totalling some 250,000 pounds to atone the unauthorised bills of Governor Gawler. And it’s only a generation since Adelaide extolled the wonders of Tim Marcus Clarke. Remember him? And what followed at the State Bank?

And so here we go again: how it’s all so easy if we just do one thing–at others’ expense, others being taxpayers.

One tiny consolation, if that’s the right term. Since the leaders of this state, in their contempt for ordinary persons, have deliberately neglected the provision of electricity supplies into the future, it may be that the lights won’t work.

Update: The Liberal Party, true to its lack of identity, whines lethargically about the probable cost blowouts, not the burden, utterly incapable of justification, being placed upon taxpayers by organisations promoting professional (sic) sport.


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