Puffing goes on and on and . . .

Puffery has no limits, apparently. The parasites of the public purse proffer no precincts upon their pie-in-the-sky pursuit of unpardonable levels of public expenditure. With this level of puffery we might as well be in a Stalinist state. It’s amazing, in its own way. The same people from allegedly professional sports pursuing this utterly unjustifiable demand upon taxpayers would excoriate any member of the public who criticised them out on matters relating to their various codes. Yet they have the gall to demand with menaces a half-billion and counting.

The grounds until recently had provision from members and sympathisers, such as Sir Edwin Smith. Where are today’s equivalents of Smith? Nowhere, it seems. Why? That’s a surprisingly difficult question. One that I doubt anyone has tried to answer. The AFL will offer $5m: peanuts of truly insulting quality.

What is clear is that, notionally at least, dependence upon the state as a right has expanded enormously. Moreover, in South Australia at least, that has expanded to include cricket and Australian Rules football. Interesting it is to note that others with various disabilities who latterly might have hoped, quite reasonably, to receive assistance from government can no longer do so (actually, SA’s performance has been dismal for quite some time). The Roman poet Juvenal got it right some 1,900 years ago: public preferences for bread and circuses again predominate.


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