Malignant debt

Here’s a chart providing consummate investigation of the often malignant role of government, particularly in the United States, over the past 80 years. (The following tables occur here.)

Such is the magnitude of apparently boundless delusion. Nor is it confined to this format. In Australia we have a debt-ridden housing market largely financed by overseas borrowing, all of it by definition unproductive. And yet it was in Australia that one government, at least, did pay off its debt. That achievement coincided with the  highest levels of ‘cash extracted from real estate’.
The same government, led by John Howard, made no effort to caution citizens regarding debt by other means, not least housing.
Interesting, is it not, that these developments coincide with secularization, regardless of problems of definition and evidence (see, for a recent evaluation, Secularisation in the Christian World, eds. Callum G. Brown and Michael Snape. Ashgate, May 2010).

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