Lysenko in the Age of Faith

The Australian Prime Minister reposes total trust in her paid minions. Touching. Still, with deepening recession likely to be the economic story of the next two or more decades, it may prove utterly redundant even by the standards of her Climate Commission. By its nature recession reduces the level of CO2 released into the atmosphere. If some possibilities hold true, deepening recession will reveal La Gillardine’s efforts to be no more than tawdry ‘peer-reviewed’ politics.

Widespread immiseration will follow scientific purity per Lysenko. Which is precisely the point. Why should ordinary folk have enjoyable standards of living? I remember hearing and reading innumerable academics (especially historians) claim to be sympathetic to the often-dreadful lots of ordinary people. It turns out they wrote and spoke falsely. If not, here’s their moment to dissent. Instead, they stand ready with government to impose reduced standards of living by force.

Recall the favourite term of Australia’s intellectuals a few years back: ‘affluenza‘ (See also here). Not for long . . .


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