So the waste goes on and on and . . .

It may or may not technically-speaking be corruption but in terms of democratic politics it surely is, certainly it is by nineteenth-century standards. Government favours two apparently insolvent professions, cricket and football. To suggest otherwise is to assume they can fund their own places of employment. But apparently not.

Hospitals, not least Keith Community, can die but so-called professional sports must continue, even at the ludicrous cost, almost entirely borne by tax-payers, exceeding one-half of a billion dollars.

So we’re told of yet more money ‘given’ by taxpayers (ha-ha) to the so-called Stadium Management Authority.

Note how the ‘Aerial view of the proposed Adelaide Oval’ shows no car park. A few vehicles do appear on grass but that, if what little information trickles out from discussions in government and Adelaide City Council is a guide, is not what the honchos have in mind. No car park in fact is tolerable except insofar as it is place underneath the playing area. It’s done elsewhere so why not here?

South Australia urgently needs a government that has a clearer, saner view of its priorities. Neither Labor not Liberal qualifies, which makes the situation very difficult indeed. In fact it wipes out hope for responsible government. Tweedledum and Tweedledee won’t do. Instead, both parties and their media and other mates will continue to lie in their own interests. Tax-payers remain as ever the suckers in their sick game.


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