No Surprises here

NBN cost blowouts? And all in the name of monopoly, dated technology and, as time will show, censorship.

Heath risks of mobile phone technology. More time is clearly required for properly grounded data becomes available for truly meaningful conclusions. See here for long-standing interest in this question. ‘Prolonged usage’ seems to provide most cause for concern (heavy users’ reported average: 30 minutes per day over a 10‐year period). By rights authorities, not least parents and schools, should discourage children from using mobile phones. Using a hands-free headset minimises risks. (Update: Even more cause for caution!)

Recession: only a matter of time. The Australian economy has been in recession for several years. The only excuse authorities have for claiming otherwise is deliberately engineered indebtedness–all to be the responsibility of another generation. And add new taxes to complete the mix.

And the big scam of climate change (apd): note how difficult it is to find on <> reports heard on ABC radio. They differ in significant ways. Regular listeners hear, not least from spokespersons of the Australian Conservation Foundation, that green jobs simply await the starter’s gun, so to speak: the same shot that then destroys two or more jobs for every one, ahem, created by government. The mobile phone stories were different too, radio news seeming to belittle hands-free headsets. Meanwhile, Paul Kelly contributes more fatuity, looking after friends and trying to appear unbiased (that is, ineffectually concealing prejudices) and concluding in typically trite manner.

apd = as presently defined.


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