Not quite the same, perhaps

It seems reminiscent of those long-ago demonstrations in favour of peace in Vietnam, only they weren’t were they? Demonstrators, or rather the leaders thereof, such as CPV (the Campaign for Peace in Vietnam) were profoundly dishonest. They knew very well the outcome they wanted, and they got it. Just because few others recognise it wasn’t the point. One who would was Stalin, by then late.

And so, here we are again. ‘Thousands call for price on carbon’, says the headline. A speaker in Adelaide, tells of winning, in time “this struggle against fear, prejudice and short-sightedness”. Whose fear, whose prejudice, whose short-sightedness?

Curious it is that Lysenko science, in the service of wrecking the living standards of ordinary people, so attracts people comfortably well-off. Contempt is, probably, often a curious attitude. It fills contemporary cinema, writing whether of novels or commentary and music (or thus it’s called). So a carbon tax which, over time and exacerbated by the burlesque notion of renewable energy, will mean irregular sources of power for most of us, fewer jobs and ever lower standards of living. It would be good to be able to ask after demonstrators’ attitudes in, say, five years’ time? Any bet on silence?



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