More modelling . . . for 2020 . . . and 2050

“New carbon tax pitch: we’ll be much better off.’ Such is the headline from The Australian telling the results of yet more modelling. Remarkable, is it not, that modelling the future has such appeal in contrast to knowledge gained from experience. IPCC modelling is devoid of merit, is incapable of predicting even the present. Why should anyone with an ounce of good sense believe this story?

It gets worse. As a base these projections have  vastly increased dependence upon ‘renewable energy’. This is ludicrous. The evidence is clear: so-called ‘green’ jobs cost many more jobs. Not only that but renewable energy cannot provide for the needs of contemporary life (contemporary including most recent decades).

Question Time in parliament brings the parliament into disrepute, clownish behaviour from ministers deepens it.


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