Humbug rules

We can, apparently, control the weather and thus climate–hence the carbon tax and associated wonders of the federal government–but we (Australia) “can’t monitor cattle slaughtering practices beyond our shores“. Thus spake the Greens.

They may have a point, of course. But it does not stop at offshore abattoirs. Schools? Defence? Social Security? Health? So where is this point applicable and not applicable? Destroying farmers seems fine to these people. How do they feel about abolishing compulsory schooling? It achieves very little. Silly me: it’s not meant too: just get the “kids” out of home and off the street (unless they’re demonstrating for some political point. That’s OK).

And the climate? No problem. Just don’t let the public near it. “Four Corners”, that government-run fount of truth and wisdom, is almost certainly to be compulsory viewing under the NBN. Problems solved.



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