Church and state, church and politics

The Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide is a part of the government of South Australia. The diocese’s website notes:

Monsignor Cappo is Vice-Chair of the Australian Social Inclusion Board and Independent Commissioner for Social Inclusion Board SA and an Independent Adviser for the Executive Committee of State Cabinet.

Rubbish about Monsignor Cappo as ‘fiercely independent’ does not affect that dismal fact at all. He comes across, time and again, as nothing more than yet another Labor Party hack.

His church should distinguish between the public square, in which it is free to enjoin vigorously, and government, in which it has no place. If the church prefers to take sides in party politics it should be willing to live with the (often hostile) consequences. It’s remarkable that little serious criticism has come its way in recent years because it should.

Little if anything has come from the Catholic Church that belies my response of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference to the Northern Territory Intervention so brilliantly initiated by the then-minister, Mal Brough: that it was washed in the grey-water of Pontius Pilate.

Nothing that has come from Mons. Cappo or his colleagues warrants any other response.

And regarding the radical initiative in the NT, Brough himself observed in February this year: “It has become stagnant and buried in bureaucracy. It is no longer working.” And: “Because it wasn’t the Labor Party’s policy, they just adopted it for political reasons. They failed to take it to the next level.”

Catholic silence here represents just more grey-water in support of their increasingly loathed best friends.


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