Bad, apparently irreversible law: the NBN

These are days of demise. Not a dramatic turn of phrase, yet ending in a whimper starts somewhere. And so it is with the NBN. The impetus from government is totalitarian; from Telstra and, I suspect, much else among the nation’s telcos, is rent.

At least someone, Henry Ergas writing in The Australian has recognised that monopoly is involved. Terry McCrann takes the story further. (At least I think he did for he continues to write in his familiar and largely shambolic manner.)

The whole arrangement fro the NBN smacks of corruption, definitely moral and political, and probably financial and legal. The framework for the NBN appears consonant with a totalitarian government. It was said during the republic debate, years ago, that a much more serious issue warranting attention was getting government to obey the law. To the surprise of no-one watching that didn’t happen.

The NBN is about control, not only of various forms of telecommunications hardware but, more importantly, who can do what with them, who can read with them (movies present no risk to left-wing governments). Clearly many of us will have no ability to read dissenting material (e.g. Wall Street Journal, to which I subscribe, among much else), not only because government will mandate what is suitable reading but because the new arrangements will have removed the copper network upon which I and many others are dependent. The point here being that the replacement fibre will be prohibitively expensive and that’s just getting physically connected let alone anything else.



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