And why not resign . . . or at least pay the bill

The Australian reports:

Joe Ludwig [Commonwealth Minister for Agriculture] was jeered by angry beef producers in outback Queensland yesterday while talking up $30 million in government offsets for the ban on live animal exports to Indonesia.

The embattled Agriculture Minister faced a rowdy reception at a packed beef industry forum in Mt Isa, 1800km northwest of Brisbane, only hours after Julia Gillard announced that producers would each be eligible for up to $25,000 in financial assistance.

The package announced by the Prime Minister was the third in four days for the struggling north Australian cattle industry, which relies heavily on the live exports to Indonesia that were suspended over animal cruelty revelations.

Rightly producers found the decision to ban live exports of cattle to Indonesia ‘crazy’.

No less crazy is the view of the monsters  ministers responsible that taxpayers should fund the $30m of financial assistance. Every cent should come from the Labor Party, Australian Greens, Andrew Wilkie, MP, and those citizens whose reaction to a single TV programme was a blind funk, one in which the Prime Minister joined willingly.

ABC reports:

At one point tensions boiled over.

“Everyone in this room should be so f**king angry with you people, just bloody slaughter you,” said Neil Byrne, a farm electrical worker, who said he had been put out of work because of the ban.

It gets better. Federal independent MP Bob Katter was there:

Mr Katter told the audience that Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) knew about abuse of Australian cattle in Indonesian abattoirs for nine years.

“Nothing was done about it,” Mr Katter said.

“I am ashamed to say as your Member of Parliament, I should have done something about it.

Slaughter could begin with Katter and those from the MLA living high on the hog (perhaps that’s why they gave little or no thought to standards in Indonesian and probably other abattoirs).

It’s now over fifty years since the then-Premier of South Australia oversaw a process of judicial review of the Max Stuart murder case. Sir Thomas Playford found the expense involved, the easy spending of large sums of public money by those supposedly acting in the public interest, exceeding painful to watch. Indeed, from about that time he never seemed quite the same man again. He seemed to shrink and decency followed. Since then governments have learned, hardly challenging, to spend ever greater sums of taxpayers’ funds with complete disregard fro the sources of those funds, either in the present or in the increasingly dim future.

The Australian quoted one man: “Can you give me a good reason why we should not demand your resignation?”. No, no reason at all. And that goes for a great many associated with government, not just those elected to office occasionally. Widespread sackings have become increasingly urgent. The stupid implementation of a ban on live cattle exports to Indonesia is just one more example of the contempt that governments and their hangers-on have for broad citizenry. Breathtaking ineptitude founded upon the permanent adolescence of a broad sweep of the elite of one or more generations. So yes, resign, minister.




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