Rann, Ellis and the ABC—the beat goes on




Rann berates Bob Ellis and ABC for contentious articles.

These people seem to deserve each other. Interesting that Rupert Murdoch’s name was scrubbed completely from Ellis’s proffered draft. They’re not so coy in the House of Commons, apparently. (Note that yet again the ABC’s web-site differs from radio reports: why is this?) ABC Radio News has basically used the debate in the House of Commons as a means to denigrate Murdoch. Which Murdoch? Labour MP Tom Watson made clear his choice.

Meanwhile, hope springs eternal. Gary Johns, formerly a Labor MP, writes to say that “[d]espite [recent and continuing] travails, Labor remains essentially humanist, concerned with the needs, wellbeing and interests of people”. Well, to the extent that such concern has some electoral significance at least. And even that’s not guaranteed. Do not live in a non-Labor electorate, such the one in which Keith Hospital could be found (read the document titled ‘Keith and District Hospital Inc Information regarding Hospital Funding’). Test Mr. Johns’ assertion against that.

More tabloid journalism rather than less might alert the public to the sheer hostility that governments and oppositions—Labor and Liberal—have toward ordinary people.


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