Scam and bribe—contemporary Australian politics II

Any doubts about the condition of political life in Australia were surely dispelled by the comments by the appalling (former Senator) Graham Richardson:

After the lie of ‘No carbon tax” Richardson is thrilled by the compensation to pensioners:

“When it’s in your pocket, then you’ve got to say, ‘Well, she didn’t lie this time’. Again, cunning, very cunning.”

On top of which is this is the yet more appalling term: “carbon pollution scheme”. All life on earth is carbon-based. For Greens, as too few know, human life is incapable of justification. And so any means of reducing human significance is increasingly urgent. Any scheme that reduces the busy-ness and creativity of people has their support. They will support all means to human discomfort and physical distress. In addition, euthanasia and abortion are just two means to the (literal) end.

Further, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott  observed:

There may be compensation in the federal government’s carbon tax plan unveiled on Sunday but there is no compensation for people who lose their jobs.

Of course not! How can there be? Long live the scam; long live the bribe.


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