Scam and bribe—contemporary Australian politics

The government has just announced, if that’s the right term, the so-called “carbon price plan”. This is based on an intellectual nonsense and defended accordingly, that is, not defended at all. Government then bribes the electorate to tug the forelock to the scam in all its alleged but indefensible urgency.

Will government prohibit greenhouse horticulturalists from adding carbon dioxide to their crops, will government ban Coca Cola and all like effervescent drinks, will state governments that claim a similar concern
“for the environment” and so reduce speed limits in order to reduce emissions from motor cars? And so on and on one could go.

Intellectual corruption and electoral bribery: there you have contemporary Australian politics. Scam and bribe: it’s all that’s left— until the next real crisis rooted in eastern recession and near-collapse of western economies. it’s only a matter of time. Meanwhile scam and bribe rule. Because of that corruption, not least of the body politic, the real problems, as they arrive, may well prove insurmountable.


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