Public not wanted

More evidence of official censorship.

Thus: CERN: “Don’t interpret the CLOUD experiment results”.

And this, also from Watts Up With That:

In an interesting opinion piece in The New York Times entitled “On Experts and Global Warming,” Gary Gutting, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, argues that the non-experts must accept the findings of the expert authorities in climate science.

Anthony Watts then proceeds to demolish this particular argument for collectivist uniformity. Kevin Rudd, you may recall, when Prime Minister likened the official position on climate change (apd) to that of Galileo. (JoNova rightly observed that official science is the establishment.) Given that peculiar instance of absurdity he, too, might care to read of genuine scientific endeavour. Not very likely, true, given his choice to side with lying propaganda and parliamentary despotism.

Meanwhile, A Look at the Australian Climate Network has examined The “Climate Data Derivatives” Market. This, in particular, examines the various sets of data available from the Bureau of meteorology, not least those manipulated to served a particular argument. In summary:

If an accountant were to use these same methods in preparing financial reports, he would surely go to jail for his efforts. And yet this obvious data manipulation seems to be the mainstay of modern “Climate Scientology”. It bears similarities to the financial manipulation that underlies the derivatives market in that the end product is almost unrecognisable from the data on which it is based. One wonders whether this “homogenised data” might better be labelled “Climate Data Derivatives”.

Whatever claims the BoM may have to operating an efficient weather station network, it is all for nothing when they let their data disappear into this cesspool of “homogenisation”.  As we can see from this small sample, none of the “homogenised” records bears any resemblance to the graphs produced from the presumably more realistic station data records. And when a whole century’s worth of “homogenised” data can be produced out of thin air, one has to ask – “what happened to the quality assurance procedures we were told about”.

Finally JoNova alerts us to “Election Now! National Rally Canberra + Tamworth event”.

Election Now 2011 National Rally


Tuesday 16th August 2011

Parliament House


It’s just the beginning for reclaiming sovereignty from the federal parliamentary despots. Difficult, because Australia’s frankly feudal-cum-totalitarian media will either ignore or condemn any initiatives emerging from ordinary people.


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