“The law is a ass”

Mr. Bumble lived in somewhat different times, to the extent that he lived at all. Later, at the time of the republic referendum in Oz, someone remarked that a more important issue was having government obey the law. He was right. And with the government monopoly of telecommunications now under construction we read the following in The Australian today:

New NBN powers let rollout bypass planning laws

The NBN Co would be given sweeping powers to bypass state and local laws and install broadband infrastructure without the consent of landowners under government proposals that the opposition warns could allow it to override the wishes of local communities and string more overhead fibre from telegraph poles. . . .

Under plans released yesterday, the NBN Co and operators of any similar superfast broadband networks would be able to bypass state planning laws to connect premises and lay new broadband infrastructure in streets.

It gets worse:

Under an $11bn deal with the NBN Co and government, Telstra will be paid to transfer its customers to the new fibre network as its expansive copper network is decommissioned.

The assumption here is that Telstra’s customers will be able to afford to deal with NBN Co and its agents (internet service providers) such as Internode. On top of the several thousand dollars connection fee and another $150 per  month it’s not looking likely. That the Australian parliament, supported by Australian business, has condoned this wickedness makes a laughing stock of all its electoral propaganda and brings the institution into disrepute (assuming it’s not already there).

Update: Mish’s GETA tells further of the deepening democratic deficit in Europe:

Germany Proposes Stability Council with “Crack the Whip” Power to Impose Sanctions on Countries Lacking Fiscal Discipline, Pro-Business Labor Policies

No taxation without representation: no more.



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