Humbug . . . and then some—2

So the Carbon Tax has passed the House of Representatives. It’s a bad day. The Leader of the Opposition yesterday rightly suggested that none of the provisions of this legislation take effect until after another election. Government preferred cowardice; it cannot look the electorate in the eye.

Parliamentary despotism is commonplace in the modern world and likely to become only more so. In Australia it is unusual but is now the rule in Canberra. The basic definition of government is acting by deceit. Neo-Keynesiamism, NBN, “national security” and environmentalism: all have deceit at their heart. Not rubbish about being on the side of history changes that: thus Prime Minister Gillard:

“Whether they are on the side of history, whether they are on the side of action, whether they are on the side of change or whether they were content to stand against and watch the world change while Australia stayed the same,” she said.

Instead this government displays the deliberate intention to enter the trash-can of history like so many predecessors who have claimed the logic of history on their side. The Australian government can, today, continue only by lying. It is the most elemental definition of contemporary Australian government: lying to cover the utter cowardice of members of government and total contempt of the people of this country. Utterly loathsome.

Where now? Presumably the government must find some means by which to delay the next federal election due some time prior to 30 November 2013.

Update: The ABC finds much merit in the claim of The Atlantic that Prime Minister Gillard–or Gilliard for Americans–is a “Brave Thinker”. The claim is nonsense, fraudulent even, but since left-wing media organisations like the ABC and The Atlantic have little or no tolerance for the public generally, I guess we can expect no better. What’s brave about holding the electorate in contempt?



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