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Australia’s trailer-park trash media
December 9, 2012

No part of Australia’s utterly repellent media–print, TV, radio–warrants exemption from a deluge of savage criticism following the death of a nurse in London.  Jeff Kennett, yes, a politician, says we must have sympathy for the amoral media numbskulls responsible for this appalling event.  To hell with him as well.

This is tragic for the family of the dead nurse; for 2DAY FM it is not,whatever management might say.  Had the management any integrity, the station would cease to exit immediately.  But this is Australian media, hence they own the tragedy and they will bleed it to suit themselves.

Here, politicians crawl to media, media trawls for politicians’ inane chatter in a non-stop nihilist circus.  Australian media is utterly devoid of merit (the ABC should have been abolished years ago); it lies for its mates, puffs violence parading as sport, inflates lying government propaganda as absolute truth (such as climate change [as presently defined] or Keynesian economics [‘stimulus’ or, now, ‘unexpected falls in commodity prices’].  Lies, every syllable.

Parasites all, forget counselling, put ’em in the stocks, management included.