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The Media Sewer in Oz
February 5, 2013

Merv Brendle should know better.  Likewise Senator Cori Bernardi.  Australian media, let alone universities (sic) will exhibit no improvements without the present arrangements die: by starvation.  Cut university funding, abolish humanities and so-called social science departments that are little more than engines of lying propaganda at the expense of scholarship and a liberal education.  The ABC: abolish it.   Reform simply won’t happen.

Find alternative means to publish differing viewpoints.  That includes clearly argued opinion as well as equally clear reporting.  It happened in the past: The Advertiser in the 1910s reported Parliamentary debate and inquiry. Door-stop interviews were unknown.  And so on and so forth. . . .

Although one should not view the past with rosy-coloured glasses; it could be no less nefarious than it is today.  The difference is that it need not be.

Is there a market for media of integrity?  There may have been once.  I doubt it now.  Notions that reform of current institutions, not least those funded by taxpayers, is absurd.  People today read less.  The claim is that they read online.  That is false.  They may spend time online but not reading for understanding their time or even knowing about it day by day.  Friendship is now meaningless, community with it.  Collaborative learning (to use the term of one University librarian) tramples the individual.  ‘Be a team player’, is the cry. Conformity rules.  And that, today, includes slandering and belittling Tony Abbott.

Messrs Brendel and Bernardi chatter fatuously about reform.  Good luck with that!

Unless the Liberal Party, in particular, acknowledge that they have no friends and only enemies in Australian media and act accordingly they have no real chance at electoral victory except beyond the old saw that oppositions do not win elections, governments lose them.  They simply must find alternative means by which to communicate with the public.  I suspect it can be done, if not easily.  Trusting the old ways is a recipe for disaster.  Perhaps innovate.