Another referendum (yawn)

A typically corrupt campaign by the Australian federal government, this time for so-called consitutional recognition of local government.  And yes, the feds are turning it into yet another auction (all Australian elections are auctions, have been for many years) in which it will fund its favoured side.  We have no want of critics, apparently (thus the IPA here and here, for example).

The weakness of the ‘No’ campaign is that local government no longer exists.  We have ‘councils’ of such a size that there is nothing local about them.  Indeed, their own existence should come under threat.  All that the councils do could be done under the aegis of state governments.  They have almost no democratic credentials, primarily by virtue of their size, that locality is irrelevant.  So, rather than encourage them, abolish the councils now.  (And rid us of the great bulk of libel law!)


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