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Satire in Oz–garbage at best
July 25, 2013

I suppose this is the best we can do.  Why not just give up entirely?  What with bloated, ideologically-driven universities; witless media; cinema that peddles kiddie-litter; where tree-murder parades as gardening; Keynesian economics, market bubbles and electoral bribery are one subject; Lysenko science rules; the permanent, digital worksheet swaggers for schooling: in Australia, there is nothing else.  All that has been good has gone.  Even the AIF Project has gone: for the Australian (and New South Wales) governments nothing but Gallipoli shall represent the First World War.  Best give up.


Overthrow of a democratically-elected dictatorship
July 7, 2013

This is a long-standing dilemma.  How to rescue individual liberty from a regime dedicated to its destruction, not least a regime elected democratically.  The classic instance, presumably, remains Germany in the early ‘thirties.  The circumstances of the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of the reich differ from those that have obtained in Egypt over the last year or so.  

Perhaps it might behove the US State Department to worry less about its marketing than the discomforts (not just American either) likely to follow continued support of the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt.  Whatever else might be said of the Egyptian situation, and some of it worth noting, the failure of the United Nations in the circumstances of civil war (not least Syria) remains self-evident.  The Copts of Egypt must surely be greatly relieved by the overthrow of the government headed by Mohammed Morsi.  Given the repulsive history of the twentieth century in the wake of the Great War defined  by the imprecations of various ideologues, any short-circuit of their descendants must surely be welcomed.