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Change? What change?
September 17, 2013

This from The Australian today:

RESOURCE giants will be told to step up their spending on mammoth new projects or risk losing their rights to tap the deposits, under an Abbott government plan to accelerate investment and kill off fears of an end to the boom.

The article continues with this Rudd-Gillard-Rudd type threat:

Incoming industry minister Ian Macfarlane  .  .  .  warned that companies that shelved their projects could lose the “retention leases” they held over the reserves, given the commonwealth’s power to revoke the rights as they came up for renewal over the next few years. “I want to put the industry on notice that if the deposits are able to be developed they’ve got to be developed,” he said yesterday as he arrived in Canberra for briefings.

 So, the point of the auction, sorry election, on 7 September was what?  I knew I was right not to take any but the most cursory notice of it or anything else political.  Not only have the government’s spots not changed but the public had to pay for all aspects of the auction (no apologies), including political propaganda from the candidates.  Whether one should yawn or be outraged I don’t know.  Meanwhile, at Maaloula.  .  .  ?



Has (meaningful) language a future?
September 4, 2013

Not if Victoria’s Weekly Times can help it:

Her comments come as she scrambles to sure up numbers against a coalition government.