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Last Century’s nation
December 22, 2013

There may or may not be a leading nation at this point in the increasingly ghastly twenty first century.  Certainly it is not the USA.  This response, just one of many, on Powerline makes that patently clear, at least from a cultural perspective.  The expressed conceit that the USA represents the West, itself more or less a ceature of the past, only deepens the case.


More hypocrisy . . . as if there’s anything else
December 11, 2013

Electronista moans about working conditions in a factory making products for Apple.  Electronista also notes, with apparent approval, an announcement by the Mayor New York, Michael Bloomberg, of ‘the launch of a new outdoor public Wi-Fi network in Harlem accessible to all users at no cost’.

How often does one see demands for new products, or lower prices on existing products?  Ipad, for instance, requires a new model at least annually.  With more features  .  .  .  and lower cost.  How else, but by exploitation of the weak and oppressed in a totalitarian state, can this wonder of modern education (schools are addicted) be possible and universal?  Helped, naturally, by governments (especially last century’s nation, the US) printing money to cover their failures: intellectual, moral and financial.

The twenty first century has several qualities or, rather, characteristics, none of them commendable.  Hypocrisy is at their head.