Quadrant, poetry and taxpayers

Actually Quadrant‘s association with taxpayers is now negligible.  But it does publish poetry  .  .  .  apparently to the upset of other journals.  Roger Franklin, editor of Quadrant, argues that comments in Overland raise questions of arts funding in general.  Perhaps.

The first and, I suggest, only question is why taxpayers should fund poetry or anything else calling itself an art.  This is most unclear.  So much that government funds may be unobjectionable in itself, but when money is taken, with threats of menace, from the public then objections do arise given the typically political nature of the result.  Latterly, in this context, issues have arisen even regarding the Australian War Memorial and its expenditure.  The only reasonable response is termination of the funding.  I would start with the ABC (defunding in toto), then the AWM ( at least in part) and so on  .  .  .  to the end of the alphabet.

Nietzsche rules, so they tell us by what they do.  OK.  Let it be so.


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