More politics where it’s not wanted . . . or so one should have thought

Donating $1,000 to a political campaign is now a cause for giving some one–the boss, no less–the sack.  Thus the fate of the CEO of Mozilla, because:

as Glenn Reynolds points out, he held the same view about gay marriage as Barack Obama in 2008 rather than the view Dick Cheney held in 2008

A company statement is, as Powerline suggests, straight from the pen of George Orwell when writing distopian fiction.

A few weeks ago it was the boss of Apple who said that a certain group of people could not hold or buy shares in his company.  That’s the same CEO whose remuneration this past year was $US73.9 million.  As at other times it remains very safe, even congenial, to be politically correct these days with little want of help from taxpayers–whether they like it or not.  I think often of Pastor Paul Schneider (1897-1939) when contemplating the present.  Who was he?  Look him up.  The parallels are not clear-cut but as Mark Twain remarked, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.  And the rhythm here is becoming more clear with each day that passes.


Update:  Robert P. George at First Things takes up the story.





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