Merit? What’s that in 21C?

So a new directorial fuss generated entirely upon political grounds, whatever “Electronista staff” may claim.  Funny how one side of politics only cops this type of campaign, though Apple’s Al Gore should have.  But then it was Apple that may have inaugurated this new set of heavily political concerns.  

In recent years I have often wondered if the twenty-first century had any merit.  By and large it has not.  Truth is dead.  So merit too.  Scholarship has largely died; universities, like primary and secondary schools, have become agents of (typically lying) propaganda.  What trust may one reside in government?  And media?  ‘Nuff said.  Corporations are not much better although they have at least to abide by some degree of consumer and other law.  

It might be amusing if not so serious.  Condi Rice is said by “Electronista staff” to have had a master’s degree by the age of twenty.  Fine (though William Pitt the Younger went to Cambridge shortly after his fourteenth birthday).  Given that intellectuals place great store in irony (more or less synonymous with contempt) the “Electronista staff” might have recalled that Condoleezza Rice’s doctorate was supervised by Josef Korbel, father to one of her predecessors as Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright.  Rice’s career is quite marvellous, as interesting as is much of her background, not least some of her experiences as a child.  So here we are, yet another politically motivated campaign designed to denigrate persons of ability but the wrong politics.

It used to be said that the cream rises to the top; no more, politics will only have the scum.  The lie is all.


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