Apple and Greed

Is there any other connection.  What other quality would one associate with Apple.  Competence?  No, not any more.  But greed, definitely.  Why else bother with new versions of software and other bits and pieces annually?

Clearly Apple does not test its new offerings to anything like a satisfactory degree.  New features?  Rubbish.  Just new ways of making the computer work less effectively, particularly if the machine is more than a year old.  No doubt Steve Jobs was as keen as anyone to make bug profits; his successors appear to have no other interest.  Mavericks?  Yosemite?  it doesn’t matter.  Both more or less fraudulent.  Mini iPad 3: the ‘3’ referring to what?  One feature, of questionable genuine utility.  The list can then go on and on and on.  .  .  .

This from a gang that harps away about ‘moral obligations’ regarding the scientific and governmental fraud of climate change (apd.); curious how that extends neither to products nor taxation.

If you’re wondering I would change to Windows in a flash were there a genuine alternative to MS Office, especially the horror that is Word.  What windows-based word processor, comparable say, to Mellel, is available?  AFter all, one still has a book to write.  But ‘Made on a Mac’, I’d rather not.



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