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Apple Australia Again
July 26, 2015

A few days shy of three months ago I ordered a new 12″ MacBook.  The general view seemed to be that it may take between four and six weeks to appear.  Nearly twice that time has since elapsed and no sign appears of said MacBook.  For other product, I think, I should have cancelled the order.  In the US MacBooks have even been discounted.  But here, South Australia, such product is not even available.

Why is this?  Does Apple not trust us in Australia to pay our national and foreign debts and so purchases from offshore are no longer possible?  Has language in Australia been so devalued–even debauched–that corporate American doubts we can manage such equipment?  It certainly seems to be government policy but I doubt the politicians–elected and unelected–have quite achieved that Orwellian goal (see the first two paragraphs of ‘Newspeak’ on that page following Winton’s surrender to Big Brother).

Meanwhile the order remains in place, entirely without expectation that it will be fulfilled.