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More clowns
June 6, 2011

So the South Australian liberal party supports the massive expenditure—all of it borrowed—by taxpayers of $535,000,000 on the redevelopment of the Adelaide Oval. Apparently they have attached some conditions, suitably vague is the one regarding car-parking. If they were serious, ha ha, they would have require the car-park go under the oval, not to mention the $140,000 required by Keith Hospital. But seriousness has forged no attachment with today’s Liberal politics.

Perhaps Manly Council can lead the way (see here for other if dubious examples).

On a related subject, rebuilding the RAH, the Liberals have another philosophy (sic):

Once it’s built, the people of this state are then going to foot a bill of $1.1 million a day for 30 years to pay for that building. That just makes no sense in the current economic climate.

You can’t make it up.

Consider, by the way, Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium:

How will fans get to and from matches? The People Mover transport system will be in operation to move fans from the city and beach front to Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium on match days.  In addition, a new railway station situated at the stadium will allow fans to travel by rail to the event.  Park & Ride facilities will be in place which will allow fans to leave their cars as designated parking areas and take the regular shuttle services to the Stadium.

All this carry-on to support failing South Australian professional codes. Amazing.