Oz Intelligentsia on Display
February 27, 2014

You can read it all here.  Climate change goes on and on.  .  .  .

What I noticed in particular was an absurd sentence by a journalist, David Marr who finds the want of public interest in climate change, the political ideology of the day.  He tries to command:

We need to pray for an absolutely devastating drought to make [climate-change denying] Australia snap out of it.

Why “pray”?  Has David Marr found God?  Or does he recall that during a severe drought many years ago the premier of Queensland at the time, the much-derided Joh Bjelke-Petersen, prayed for rain.  Such, apparently, was the success of his petition that a few days later many begged him to turn off the spigot.  Alternatively, Marr and his friends (all listed in the linked article in Quadrant), could head for somewhere caught up in drought, California.  Or, they might leave the green shores of Oz for inland dry, like south-west Queensland.  I don’t mind.  What I do mind is taxpayers’ funds being wasted on spurious literary festivals.  Want variety of perspective?  Where you might find it, I don’t actually know.  Where you definitely won’t find it is at a government-sponsored literary event.  We should note the fundamental contempt that the likes of David Marr have for those who provide for their comfort.  In South Australia the government includes a Fringe, an alleged Festival of the Arts (once upon a time it was), a car race  and a public holiday and plonks an auction (sorry, election) in the middle of it all.


Yawn. Quadrant moans again about the ABC
October 17, 2013

Why bother?  Roger Franklin should know by now that the ABC is incapable of reform.  So why waste readers time on such cant? Affordability of a chair for a pot of poisonous prejudice like Barrie Cassidy is an utter irrelevance.  Abolish the whole rotten institution.  Now.  Return the money to taxpayers or, for a time, better, assist a small number of people who cannot otherwise afford it, to receive dental care required urgently.  But that won’t happen.  We live in deteriorating times.  That deterioration has a very long way to go before any improvement can become evident.  It would help to be rid of the ABC nonetheless.